My research encompasses the field of toxicology, endocrinology, and ecology; integrating molecular approaches at the organism and population level. Current work examines the effects of endocrine disrupting compounds and microplastics with consideration of temperature and salinity as concurrent stressors, on DNA methylation and gene expression, behavior, sex ratio, and population dynamics. We are also studying the occurrence of microplastics in rockfish, otter scat, California mussels, and zooplankton in gray whale feeding areas off the Oregon coast.

Recent news

New paper out on the effect of microplastics on trophic transfer and larval fish growth, 2020

New NSF Growing Convergence Research grant on micro and nanoplastics!

CBS morning news interview on microplastics with Brander, Nov 2019

Holy moly, we’re in National Geographic discussing the effects on microplastics in larval fish.

Rise Against Plastic Pollution in Salem, 2019

Newly awarded grant: Delta Science Program 2019-2021

The heat is on! Review paper on the combined effects of EDCs and climate change